Scout's Family

Scout is just over 4 months old, and it is going very well with her. We love her more and more every day, and even my husband who is not really a 'dog person', has fallen in love with her.

She has a great personality, and really is the perfect match for our family. I've heard a couple times every week how my husband express how perfect she is! The children adore her, and she is behaving very well towards them. Even Thomas, my youngest, whom she tried to dominate the first week or two, has a very healthy relationship with her. She loves to cuddle, and don't mind big hugs from the kids. She very quickly learned not to 'mouth' / nibble humans (or furniture, etc), and very rarely barks. She is funny and a clown at times, and loves throwing a stick into the air, and jumping after it! We are progressing well with fetching a tennis ball, and most times, she returns the ball immediately so we can throw it again. 

Thanks again for helping us choose the perfect pup from Astraea's litter. We are very grateful."

The Pretorius family, Vernon

Nadine Briscoe