A Dog Crate


You can buy a wire one or a plastic travel one. We like wire because they can see out of it  and you can put a blanket over it at bedtime to keep them calm for a good rest. You can also attach it to an x-pen, when you are gone for longer periods during the day. You can purchase these at any retail pet store or on-line. You can buy a small one for the puppy stage, or to eliminate the need to buy two, just buy the larger one with the divider, if you buy the wire one. If you prefer plastic, you can still buy large and just place a large pillow towards the back, upwards, until they grow into the crate. They should be able to sit upright in the crate, but not have so much space that they will use the bathroom in the crate.  


Dog Collar and Leash

This area will be based on preference and what works best for your individual dog. You could get a harness  and simple leash for leash training, but this doesn't always work for some dogs, in which case a good collar to use when walking and leash training with simple leash will do just as well. You want a leash that isn't the extendable/retractable cord type for when they are young, as this leash is most beneficial for leash training a young puppy. You can see examples of these linked throughout this section and you can find them in all retail pet stores. Remove collars when placing puppy in crates or in x-pens, as this is a safety hazard for the puppy and can cause serious injury or death. 


Puppy Food

I start puppies on Summit and send a little home with you when you pick-up your puppy. I recommend if transitioning food, you do it slowly. You can also introduce other good brands like NOW, Acana or TLC, or if you have another dog in the home, you can stick to the same brand you trust, but ensure it is the puppy stage, so they receive all of their nutrients for healthy development.  I suggest you buy food that is made locally to Canada or in the North American region due to the amount of recalls we tend to see in food made overseas. Even some of the U.S. brands have frequent recalls. You can find NOW or ACANA in most retail pet stores and TLC you can order on their website and have delivered to your home.


Treats and Toys

I don't suggest giving your puppy more than their plain puppy food kibbles for a treat until they are doing well with potty training, as any change in diet can make that initial training period difficult if their digestive track is irritated and they begin having loose stool or need to use the potty even more often than the typical puppy. A little later, you can offer them dried liver treats which are natural and bully sticks, with supervision at first.

Now toys are a different story! They will usually love balls, tug toys, or the toys you can place a plastic bottle in for a crunchy sound. You can wait until you get puppy to get some toys so you are aware of their play style and what they'll enjoy most. You can find these treats and toys at most retail pet stores and even Costco has nice Bully Sticks! 


Dog Beds and Blankets

Puppies and dogs love a cozy place they can call their own, so when the time is right, you may want to give them their own doggy bed and/or cozy blanket. You will want a dog bed where you can remove the cover to wash easily and Costco has the best deals on these!  For a blanket, you just want a simple throw blanket that is easy to wash. Fleece and wool tend to hold that doggy smell, so a more breathable fabric may be best for your pup and your nose. 



This is handy if you don't have a fenced in back yard and you want your puppy to have some fun outside off leash. This is also really useful when you are gone for long periods during the day, as you can let the puppy have a larger area where they can still play and burn energy, but won't be given free reign of the house and injure themselves or your favourite pair of shoes. Some folks who work full-time opt to leave a puppy potty training pad in this area with food, water, toys, and their crate, so they have some of their needs met while you are away for the day. You can find these in most retail pet stores or on-line.


Dog Dishes

This is another area of personal preference, but we recommend some great stainless steel dog bowls that are anti-skid and will stay in place on the floor. This is handy for those busy, excitable puppy phases when puppies can be clumsy and knock over food and water during the day when you aren't home. There is a great set you can buy on Amazon, but they are available in most retail pet stores. 


Grooming Supplies

Whether you are doing your own grooming or scheduling spa days for your pup, you will want to start getting your puppy used to grooming and the various tools like brushes, combs, bathes, and blow dryers. I suggest a simple slicker brush, Furminator or ActiVet for when they are loosing their puppy coats around 9 months of age to prevent matting, and this will  help maintain the coat and brushing weekly. The coat tends to be higher maintenance as they are low to non-shedding. For shampoos and conditioners (if you aren't doing regular spa days), you will want something mild and gentle. You can find these at any retail pet store or online linked in this section.                                                                                         




Puppy School by Gwen Bailey

I think it is important to know what your training plan and goals are for your puppy prior to bringing them in your home, because your knowledge is their success. I recommend that you purchase a training book, this one is our favourite, but there are a lot of great ones. The goal is that you are at least fully informed at how to handle behaviours before your puppy is with you. This will allow you to start off on the right paw from the very beginning of your puppy's time with you. Please read as much about training as you can prior to picking up your Chase Creek Puppy. You won't regret it and your puppy will thank you for it!  Click picture to purchase book at Chapters/Indigo.




All of these items are  recommendations from Chase Creek to get you prepared in life with your new puppy. Some of these things may not be necessary for you or your puppy and some things may not work for your puppy. All of this is part of the adventure in getting to know your puppy, so let the fun begin! 


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