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At Chase Creek, we our committed to our continuously bettering our breeding program. The welfare of our dogs and puppies is of the utmost importance to us and we strive to be open to the standards and improvements within the breeds.

All of our labradoodles come from quality lines with excellent pedigrees. We put great time and effort into selecting who our girls and boys honeymoon with to produce the temperaments and coats that are consistent in all that the Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles are known and loved for, to continue to put the best paws forward.

Our labradoodles are always raised as family pets. We have a nice ranch here in British Colombia and some of our Labradoodles live here with us, and we have started our Guardian Home Program, to make sure our breeding dogs get the best love, care, and attention they deserve. 

Our labradoodles are well-loved family members to Chase Creek and they receive non-stop attention and affection. They also come to you kid tested and approved! Our adult children and grandchildren have a major role in our program as “puppy socializers”.

Temperament in the dogs we breed will always be a top priority as we only wish to produce loving and playful Australian Labradoodles, true to their nature. With this in mind, you can rest assured that at Chase Creek Labradoodles, we are always intentional with our breeding, so that we can provide to you quality Australian Labradoodles in every sense of the term.

How We Raise Your Puppy

We are Avidog Associates and we pride ourselves on being a responsible breeder who is committed to continuing education, and even though we have been bringing quality Labradoodle puppies into the world since 2008, we are always trying to do our very best by our doggy mom's and their puppies,  and this leads to a successful forever home for each one of our puppies. We work to know the aspects of health and temperament that can be passed on to puppies and choose our litter plans very carefully.  We believe that a happy mom is a happy puppy and we take the utmost care of our mommys, as we know the how her nutrition, fitness and happiness play into her puppies temperaments and health. We nurture our puppies and monitor them closely for the first three weeks. We then create stimulating environments and well-planned socialization and development programs to bring out the best in every puppy. We then match each puppy to its new home, so that the puppy and her knew home and family thrive together. 

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AVIDOG Puppy Play Palace

We have worked on developing the perfect sensory play palace for our puppies and implemented it into our program in early 2017, following our transition to the AVIDOG puppy-development program.

The play centre featured below is a play palace that will provide visual, auditory, and touch stimulation that will help the puppies to be confident in their reactions to new sensory stimuli.

In introducing our puppies to this in their early development, they get used to the various obstacles of new stimulus and will learn to problem solve and over come the unknown.

 We work to engage the puppies senses from an early age to help turn them into well-adjusted, confident, and stable puppies that are consistent in their reactions to various stimulus like scents,

abrupt movements and sounds, and even adults, children, and dogs. With this early preparation, we are able to expect a lovely, consistent temperament from your puppy. 

Testing for Temperaments

After all of our hard work in preparing your puppy's early development and stimulus, we work really hard to prepare them for their temperament testing that is performed right around 7 weeks of age or so. In this evaluation, we check their reactions to strangers, various sight and scent stimuli, and their biddability and problem solving skills. Through this evaluation, we are able to match them to the family each puppy will do best with, thus making the whole placement process a much bigger success! We all love certain colours or sizes, but what makes your puppy fit is if their personality matches your lifestyle and personality. 



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