Adoption Process and Cost

Purple collar sitting with her mum.jpg

The purchase price of a puppy is $3,120 including GST

What does that price include?

A package of support for your transition with your new puppy, like some Summit puppy kibble, a vaccination schedule, and some quick tips for your puppy's transition.

A two-year Health Guarantee relating to any hereditary condition designated as life-threatening and/or severe.

Health record showing showing your puppy’s first round of immunizations and documentation of sterilization (also known as spaying and neutering for all pet puppies)

A microchip for your puppy's individual identification

Something with your puppy's mother and littermate scent on it to help with transition into your home

My personal commitment to be there for you and your Chase Creek Labradoodle for his/her life

Securing Your Name on a Puppy List

I require a deposit of $500.00.(e-Transfer, certified cheque or money order) This $500.00 is non-refundable, but will be deducted from the purchase price of $3,000.00 + 5 % GST = $3,150.00 (If Chase Creek Labradoodles does not have a puppy that fulfills your profile in a year, we will refund your deposit.)

The final payment of $2650 is due when your puppy is 6 weeks old.

Purchase price does not include the cost of shipping. This price varies depending on destination.

  • by air within Canada $ 350. (includes crate)

  • by air continental US $450. (includes crate) - vet and international documentation related fees are extra

  • other destinations by individual arrangement

The Timeline of Taking Home Your Puppy

Once you are secured on a list, I will notify you of when your puppies have arrived. I will update with pictures occasionally and will focus on their early development following the AVIDOG program. Puppies will be matched to their families around 7 weeks of age. They will then be de-sexed (spay/neuter) at 7 weeks. At 8-9 weeks, the puppies will be ready for pick-up or shipping to their new home!

I do not promise certain colours and sizes to my families, as I prioritize a puppy's temperament for a successful placement. Though I hope that the litter you are placed on will produce what you are looking for and that you will be happy with the puppy who matches your family. In the rare case that you aren't happy, I am happy to move you to a later litter plan.