Our focus is on cultivating that beautiful bond of nature's maternal love and nurturing from our girls to their puppies, and passing that healthy attachment on with our puppies as they transition to their forever homes. 


Chase Creek Labradoodles is located in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Dogs have always been an important part of our lives. We were planning to embark on the journey of breeding dogs and were looking for a breed that would be non-shedding and friendly with children and visitors to the ranch. When searching for our puppy, we came across the gorgeous breed of Australian Labradooles at Coulee Labradoodles and were so in love with the breed and admired the diligence involved in maintaining this gorgeous breed. With mentorship and guidance of the breeding community, we have established our own reputable program and have been apart of the Australian Labradoodle breeding family since 2008.

Our team consist's of Nadine and Peter, along with our children who have grown up and started their own families! They all work to help us socialize our dogs and puppies and help us maintain that ideal confident temperament around everyone our puppies meet.   

Our labradoodles are a big part of our family life and reside in our home with us. We hope you will enjoy these fantastic dogs as much as we do!