Lucca's Family

The details:

Her name is Lucca and she is 10 months old and she was the no collar female of Della and Nate.  

Dealing with Chase Creek Labradoodles was a delight from the first conversation on the phone with Peter until the day we picked up our pup at Chase Creek ranch and got a chance to meet Nadine and Peter and their doodles.  I felt that the Briscoe’s really heard what I was looking for in a dog and really tried to match our family with a puppy that would suit us and they really did.  Lucca is 10 months old and a complete gem.  She completed her 8 week obedience class at 5 months old and top of her class.  The instructor would say, “she is 4 months old people and she can do it!”  Mostly Lucca is a loving, full of fun girl.  Never far from her Frisbee, she makes friends easily but has an intelligent wariness of new dogs and unknown situations.  Her tail is always wagging, even in her sleep.  When you talk to her, she looks you right in the eye as if she is actually interested in what you have to say.  She really enjoys the outdoors but is not a problem to leave alone.  She is just very happy when you return.  She was a chocolate pup but is developing a couple of white spots on her back.  She is 18 inches at the shoulder and has a wavy, silky coat that feels like velvet.  I couldn’t more highly recommend a breeder.

Fred and Diane Johns


Nadine Briscoe